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November 2017 Archives

Helping clients with estate valuation questions

As previous posts on this blog have discussed, one of the hardest things to do in the probate process is to place a value on the deceased person's assets. This is a particularly complicated task when the property involved is hard to value, such is in the case of antiques and collectibles, intellectual property like copyrights and, especially, the value of a small business that does not trade on the public markets.

The basics of joint ventures

An entrepreneur in the Fresno area has a number of options when it comes to organizing and structuring his or her business. Although many Californians know a little about or have at least heard of things like partnerships and corporations, there are other, less common business organizations that might be advantageous to someone trying to start and develop a company.

Simple mistakes could derail your estate planning efforts

You may know that you would greatly benefit from a thorough estate plan, but many in California think that simply having a will is enough. In reality, there are several mistakes and missteps that could not only make things complicated for your beneficiaries but could derail the entire estate planning process.

Funding is the important second step in creating a trust

As this blog has discussed previously, many Fresno residents will at some point consider creating a living trust as they start to think about financial and estate planning. Although not for everyone, there are many good reasons a person might set up a revocable living trust as a means of passing down their legacy to loved ones and others, perhaps the most attractive reason being that it can keep an estate out of a lengthy probate process.

3 estate administration mistakes to watch out for as executor

Acting as the executor of a recently deceased individual's estate can have many challenges. Though you may feel honored that your loved one trusted you to take on such an important role, you may wonder whether you feel truly up to the task. This feeling is not unwarranted as you must attend to numerous obligations as the estate moves through the probate process.

Overview of California's intestacy laws

One of the basic steps a Fresno, California, resident can do in term of estate planning is prepare and properly execute a will. While doing so does not guarantee that all will be well after the person dies and it comes time to distribute the person's property, it is a positive step in that direction which many people, even very wealthy people, never take.

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