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3 speed bumps that could slow down the probate process

Once you accept the position of executor or personal representative for a loved one's estate, you may not think about it much afterward. Of course, after your family member passes, you may find yourself thrust into a position of duty that requires you to carry out many tasks in order for the estate to close properly. The majority of the tasks will likely relate to the probate process.

The probate process involves various legal steps, and you will need to contact different people in order to ensure that the process moves along as it should. However, depending on specific details of your loved one's estate plan and the other individuals involved in the legal proceedings, probate could prove time consuming. Therefore, you may wish to prepare ahead of time to determine your options for handling the following speed bumps.

Multiple beneficiaries

If your family member felt the need to be a generous soul and bequeath items to a number of beneficiaries, you could have a long road ahead of you when it comes to probate. During the process, you will likely need to contact each beneficiary to provide him or her with necessary information and receive any needed documentation or information in return. Because some of those beneficiaries may not act in a timely manner, you may find yourself waiting to hear back.

Contentious beneficiaries

In some cases, beneficiaries may end up in quarrels themselves. If one person feels that another person should not have received a certain asset or if individuals find other issues to squabble about, you may have a difficult time moving the process forward. Additionally, these individuals could potentially decide to move forward with litigation that could bring the probate proceedings to halt until the litigation comes to an end.

Lack of information or ability

Some individuals cannot handle the stress and responsibility of carrying out the duties of an executor or personal representative. Therefore, if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by your obligations and uncertain about how to properly carry them out, the probate process could end up taking more time.

Luckily, you can gain information about your duties as executor and gain assistance throughout the legal proceedings. Enlisting the help of a California attorney may allow you to feel more in control and find ways to deal with potential issues that could come up while probating your loved one's estate.

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