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Representing people in undue influence cases

A previous post on this blog overviewed what the claim of "undue influence" entails. While one is not free to claim "undue influence" simply because he or she does not like the results of a particular will, the issue does come up often in probate cases, usually when one family member seemed to enjoy a special status with the deceased person and may have seemed to take advantage of that status.

At other times, a family unites against an elderly person's lawyer, doctor or even minister if one of these trusted professionals took advantage of their status and relationship for personal financial gain.

In any even though, whether one is claiming undue influence or is denying that such influence occurred, these sorts of claims often have to be litigated in court, at least to some extent. For that litigation, Fresno County residents are likely best served by getting the help of an experienced probate and estate attorney.

In that respect, one of the attorneys at our law office, Jeffrey Pape, has over 30 years experience in Clovis and Fresno, California. In addition to trying probate cases to a successful result for his clients in the past, Mr. Pape also has a unique approach in the courtroom by being especially "hands-on", meaning he attempts to guide his clients through the process even in the middle of trial as much as possible.

He also has a specialization in tax law, meaning that if litigation pertains to taxes or is going to involve tax consequences, he is likely going to be on top of those issues.

Our law office has the know-how and the experience to litigate undue influence cases as well as other probate disputes, no matter whether someone is claiming undue influence or defending himself against such a claim. Moreover, we also offer estate planning services that may help a person stay out of probate court altogether and can curb the risk of an undue influence claim.

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