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August 2017 Archives

The doctrine of undue influence in California

In least in this law office's experience, undue influence is perhaps the most common claim made in a probate dispute over the terms of a will. However, residents of Fresno County, California, especially those who are involved in or are unfortunately having to contemplate probate litigation, may need a better understanding of what exactly "undue influence" entails.

Representing people in undue influence cases

A previous post on this blog overviewed what the claim of "undue influence" entails. While one is not free to claim "undue influence" simply because he or she does not like the results of a particular will, the issue does come up often in probate cases, usually when one family member seemed to enjoy a special status with the deceased person and may have seemed to take advantage of that status.

Are executors and administrators the same?

You wouldn't be alone if you said you dislike having conversations regarding your own mortality. Many California residents no doubt share your views. However, if you are also one of many who understand the importance of executing a solid estate plan, you're probably willing to step outside your comfort zone to have the discussion. Many matters of estate are often complex and can be quite challenging to navigate if you're inexperienced in the process.

4 things to remember if you are ready to hire more employees

Adding workers to your payroll is not an insignificant decision for small business owners. It is generally only something people do after careful examination of finances, resources and need. Fortunately for the economy, adding jobs looks to be a priority for most small businesses in the country.

The difference between 'fair' and 'equal' when it comes to heirs

Parents of multiple children know that it doesn't take much to spark a fight between siblings. This can be especially true when it comes to how kids perceive the treatment they receive from parents. The phrases, "That's not fair!" and "But I'm older!" can be made more times than a parent could ever count.

Preventing estate planning disputes and contests

You may be one of the fortunate few whose children get along well as adults. For whatever reason, the siblings in your household grew to respect each other and remain friends, perhaps even best friends. However, this is not always the case, so if your children bicker and maintain childhood rivalries, you may feel comforted to know you are not alone.

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