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Funeral planning as part of the estate planning process

People don't like to think about what will happen after they pass away. However, the reality is that refusing to think about and plan for the future can cause considerable heartache and anxiety for your loved ones.

For instance, you may not want to think about how much a funeral will cost or what type of ceremony you want because it makes you uncomfortable. But ultimately, you are shifting this incredibly difficult task to your loved ones, and they will have to try and figure these things out while they are grieving. In order to take this burden off your family and friends, you can do some research and planning now.

Figuring out funeral expenses and options is not as easy as browsing through a catalog or just looking at a list of services on the funeral home's website. In fact, this NPR article states that the funeral industry is notoriously obscure when it comes to advertising their rates and services.

What this means is that it can take several days or longer to collect all the pertinent information on funeral costs and options. People need to make phone calls, visit funeral homes in person and try to wade through everything to figure out what they want and don't want.

Imagine trying to do this when you are also coping with the devastating loss of a loved one.

This is why it can be so vital that you consider doing this research for them. Not only will this help you make determinations about cost and arrangements, it will also be a source of great relief for your loved ones. They won't have to make difficult decisions and they will likely feel much better knowing that a funeral reflects your wishes.

There is no question that considering and discussing end-of-life plans can be uncomfortable and maybe even a little scary. However, rather than ignoring this process or feeling like you have to figure it all out yourself, you can work with an attorney who can help you prioritize your goals, make some hard decisions and get a plan in place that you can be confident in.

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