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Your estate plan must be customized to suit your needs

Your loved ones deserve to have everything in order when you pass away. This isn't something that is pleasant to think about, but doing a little bit of work now can help to save your loved ones from undue stress and problems while they are mourning your death. We know that you might have some questions that you need to have answered about what an estate plan might entail for your circumstances. We are here to help you discover what options you have.

The estate plan includes your will, which lets your loved ones know how to divide the assets you have worked to obtain. This means that they won't have to sit down while they are grieving to work out who gets what. Instead, they can look over your plan and get things sorted out accordingly.

The plan should also include powers of attorney and advance medical directives. These documents let your loved ones, and others who need to know, how your financial and medical affairs should be handled. When it comes to powers of attorney, you should know what types you need. Typically, you need to appoint someone over your finances and someone over making medical decisions for you if you are unable to do so yourself. You can choose one person for both or you can have two different people.

Your advance medical directive outlines what medical care and supportive services you want to receive in your final days. You can spell out things like whether you want heroic measures taken to save your life or resuscitate you. Organ donation, feeding tubes, life support and similar points can also be covered.

Creating your estate plan has to be customized to fit your needs. We can help you to learn how to tailor a plan to fit those needs.

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