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Establish a revocable living trust for full estate control

If you want control over who has access to your estate and assets, a revocable living trust may be the answer you're looking for.

What is a revocable living trust?

A revocable living trust is an arrangement you make to transfer property into a trust over the course of your life. Living trusts can benefit you while you're alive, unlike wills. The fact that the trust is revocable means that you can change parts of it as your life circumstances change, making it possible to alter it as needed.

Who is the grantor?

You are the grantor, or the person who has established and controls the trust. You can determine a trustee for your trust, which is the person who will be allowed to handle the trust in the case of your death.

What are some benefits of having a living trust?

To start with, you can avoid the probate process. This is the process that takes place after you die when property has to be transferred. Your RLT may help avoid probate completely, saving your family or loved ones money.

You will also be able to preserve your privacy with an RLT. You can transfer wealth into the trust without others knowing what's in the trust. The probate process tends to expose your estate to the public, which may be something you don't want to have happen.

It's possible that family members may challenge your will, and disputes may arise. Trusts allow you to specifically disinherit family members, which could lead to them challenging your wishes after death.

Our website has more information about trusts, wills and planning your estate.

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