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All estate plans are not equal

Estate plans aren't about a single document, such as a will, and every estate plan is unique because every person has different needs and is in a different situation. Because of this, it's important to understand all the possible elements of a strong estate plan and how they work to ensure your wishes are followed before and after death.

Estate plans are usually made up of a variety of documents, including wills, trusts, advance medical directions and powers of attorney. Each document serves a different need and communicates certain types of wishes and plans.

While each type of estate document has some common elements across situations and jurisdictions, the exact details of each document depend on the situation. Creating a comprehensive estate plan that both conveys your wishes and ensures those wishes are protected via legal language during probate is not as simple as filling the blanks in on a form. A complete approach to planning your estate calls for applying legal understanding to the details of your individual case.

Last week, we talked some about how your heirs might be protected by functionality outside of the estate planning process. For example, banks often have processes for leaving an account to a beneficiary. Strong estate planning takes these functionalities into account, too.

Our firm specializes in complete estate planning. We can help you protect your heirs and ensure all of your property is divided as you intend. We can also walk you through other end-of-life planning documents, including living wills and health proxies. We work to help you create comprehensive planning and to maintain those plans as your life changes through the years.

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