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Estate planning involves both creating and updating a plan

In today's fast-paced world, thinking about creating or updating an estate plan is likely a last priority for many busy Californians. In fact, one survey indicated that the average amount of time between updates made to estate plans was nearly 20 years. However, paying attention to estate planning is essential in order to protect one's assets in California down the road.

Too young to create an estate plan? Probably not.

The idea of estate planning might bring to mind a stuffy conference room with lawyers and a retirement-aged couple planning for the end of life. Creating something like a will, however, is not a stuffy and grim legal experience. It is a planning tool that can provide motivation, clarity and a sense of confidence among men and women of any age. 

Administering an estate? Don't forget digital details

If you are named as the administrator of an estate, you should be aware of the numerous tasks you will be required to manage and complete. Representatives are required to notify interested parties of a death, identify and locate assets and ensure they are distributed in accordance with the decedent's wishes.

Health care directives are an important part of an estate plan

As estate planning covers a lot of ground, it can be difficult to ensure that everything necessary is included in your plan. Preparing for every possible scenario may seem impossible and can certainly be overwhelming. However, there are some basics that every estate plan should include in order to ensure that you have full protections in place.

Which are better, wills or trusts?

Nobody would likely claim that estate planning is fun. However, as much as you may dislike thinking about your own eventual passing, you probably know that estate planning is for the good of your loved ones, so you are starting to consider it anyway. But with such a vast array of options available to you, where do you start?

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