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April 2016 Archives

Do-it-yourself wills are risky

A do-it-yourself will is "doable" but it might not be worth the risk. California residents plan their estates so that their loved ones can receive the benefit of their wealth after they have died. However, mistakes in a will could send an individual's most earnestly laid plans to waste. This article will discuss some of the most common mistakes that happen when it comes to a do-it-yourself will.

Eagles bassist Randy Meisner fights to choose his own conservator

Randy Meisner, a founding band member from the Eagles, was granted authority to appoint his own conservator last Friday. A Los Angeles judge gave Meisner the authority to appoint his longtime friend and accountant as temporary conservator following the recent death of his wife, Lana, in a gun accident.

How can I reduce the chance of inheritance conflict in my family?

Reducing the chances of an inheritance conflict after you have died should be of paramount concern during the planning of any California estate. Indeed, a death in a family can be the impetus for even the friendliest of relations to turn sour if one or more family member feels that he or she was unfairly treated by your will and asset distribution plan. In other cases, it might not have anything to do with your estate plan, but more to do with past emotional scars that the pain and loss of a beloved family member can re-open. This article will discuss some strategies that estate planners can employ to reduce the chance of family conflict following your death.

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