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January 2016 Archives

Business plans that survive the future

In recent weeks, we've covered several stories about the importance of planning for the end of your life; from deciding how you want your medical care to be handled to creating wills and trusts to distribute your assets, estate planning helps you protect your legacy and your heirs. For many, business planning goes hand-in-hand with the type of personal life planning that is involved in dealing with an estate.

Daughters file suit regarding 'Soft Kitty' nursery school song

A few weeks ago, we discussed how important it is to select the right trustee to manage your assets in case you are incapacitated or to honor your wishes after you are gone. Choosing executors and trustees is definitely important, but so is leaving those individuals all the tools and information they need to protect your legacy and divide your assets according to your wishes. One recent story, involving a lawsuit, a children's song and a famous television show, illustrates this point well.

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