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July 2015 Archives

Bank teaches heirs about investing in art

According to reports, banks lose around 50 percent of a family's assets when wealth changes hands through the estate process. Much of the loss is due to heirs transferring assets to other institutions, but losses also occur when heirs mismanage wealth that was built by earlier generations. In an attempt to capture the interest of younger generations and help them manage family fortunes, Citibank is pioneering a new client service: education for heirs.

Dealing with reverse mortgages during estate administration

With the popularity of reverse mortgages within senior populations today, an increasing number of heirs are dealing with mortgage debt in the estate administration process. In many cases, a reverse mortgage comes due when the homeowner passes away, and this can be a shock for unprepared heirs.

Benefits of an attorney when dealing with securities arbitration

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority provides a forum where disagreements between investors and firms can be handled. Often, disagreements occur when investors do not receive the money they believe they are owed. While an attorney is not mandatory for FINRA proceedings, having a professional on your side can be beneficial.

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