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Fresno Investment Fraud Attorneys

If a broker misleads you with regard to the term of the potential return on your investment, the broker or the firm may be liable for damages, including monetary damages on principal and interest. Additionally, the individual or firm may be liable for non-monetary damage involving specific performance

the Law Office of Jeffrey B. Pape, P.C. , represents individuals' securities arbitration matters throughout California and nationwide. We maintain a proven track record and are known for our legal abilities. Attorney Scott Shewan leads our securities practice and has more than 30 years of legal experience. He offers his clients focused attention and assertive legal representation throughout all points of the legal process.

Investment Fraud Claims Against Brokers

Our Fresno investment fraud attorney handles a broad range of fraud claims that involve:

  • Failure to execute and supervise: According to Conduct Rule 3010, the brokerage firm has a duty to supervise its brokers and monitor sales practices. Moreover, the firm has a duty to review customer account documents and look for evidence of unauthorized trading, broker fraud, excessive activity and the investment plan's suitability. Failure to execute and supervise is one of the more common claims in an arbitration proceeding.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty: A fiduciary duty exists when individuals place their trust and confidence in another to protect and manage property or money. That relationship clearly exists between broker and investor, especially since the broker is in a position to take advantage of the investor.
  • Misrepresentation and omissions: This is a special subset of breach of fiduciary duty cases in which a broker who omits important information or misrepresents the investment's financial risk commits investment fraud.
  • Mutual fund fraud: Also called product fraud, mutual fund fraud is a third subset of breach of fiduciary duty that arises when brokers put their interests ahead of their clients' interests.
  • Ponzi schemes: Sometimes, a broker uses the principal from newer investors to pay dividends to older investors, essentially robbing Peter to pay Paul. Oftentimes, these schemes are very difficult to uncover and very hard to prove, as the schemers are usually very adept at covering their tracks, underscoring the need for an experienced investment fraud attorney in these circumstances.
  • Over-concentration: If an investor's portfolio is too heavily weighted with one type of investment instrument, and especially if the broker did not discuss the over-concentration with the investor, the claimant may be entitled to damages.

Investment fraud cases are complex, and like any securities law case, it should be handled by a competent attorney with the skills to overcome even the most complicated situations. Mr. Shewan is held in high regard by his peers and receives many cases through referrals. He is widely respected for his work, particularly his work handling complex claims.

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