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Broker Representation

As with all employment relationships, disputes may arise between brokers and their firms - particularly when the broker leaves for another firm. Most commonly, firms and their departing brokers get sideways over repayment of forgivable promissory notes, or unpaid commissions, or failure to honor promises made when the broker was recruited. Sometimes, the broker has claims based on discrimination or wrongful termination. Whatever the basis for the dispute, the stakes can be very high for the financial professional who is ready to move on.

When joining a firm, every registered representative executes a Form U-4, which requires the broker and the firm to submit all disputes between them to binding arbitration before the National Association of Securities Dealers (FINRA). We have handled several such matters on behalf of brokers against their firms and have provided great value to our clients.It is critical to hire an attorney who understands both the procedural requirements of the FINRA arbitration forum and the nuances of the securities industry. Law Office of Jeffrey B. Pape, P.C. fits the bill on both counts. We have handled hundreds of cases in the FINRA forum and we have developed a keen understanding of the securities industry as a result. Moreover, we have developed expertise in the types of disputes that can arise between a broker and his or her firm.

If you find yourself engaged in a dispute with your firm or former firm, be sure to retain counsel with the experience and knowledge necessary to get the results you need. Generally, our firm handles these cases on an hourly basis. Contact us by phone at 800-797-5677 , or give us as much information as you can by e-mail.